Latest Episode

#21 Wasabi-n there done that

Posted on Sunday, May 5, 2019

Stephane goes on a mission in Nicosia, Edaqa tumbles bitcoin, and we talk about bitcoin wallets privacy

#15 In praise of the Function

Posted on Saturday, Dec 15, 2018

Edaqa explains pure functions, Stephane groks pure functions, and we ponder: can a function be all you need?

#14 Spaghetti OOPs

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 5, 2018

Edaqa boldly strides into the future, Stephane rocks Berlin (and not much else), and we ponder: what’s the OOP version of spaghetti code?

Edaqa clears is inbox and writes a lot, Stephane buys a hardware bitcoin wallet, and we ponder: what are our go-to languages for now and the coming couple years?

#12 Cooking v Passphrasing

Posted on Friday, Nov 16, 2018

Stephane writes the first post on his privacy-related blog, Edaqa registered a domain for his cooking website, and we ponder: how to split a day’s work between personal and paid projects?

#11 Leaking proxies

Posted on Monday, Nov 5, 2018

Edaqa yearns for easier local python packaging and adds a new page to his hugo powered website, Stephane create a couple wordpress websites using an affiliate network platform, and we ponder: why use javascript for Martin Fowler’s 2nd edition of ‘Refactoring’?