Latest Episode

#18 Eagleson's law

Posted on Sunday, Feb 3, 2019

Edaqa’s book launches, Stephane’s ring arrives, and we ponder: what did Eagleson really mean back in 1991?

#12 Cooking v Passphrasing

Posted on Friday, Nov 16, 2018

Stephane writes the first post on his privacy-related blog, Edaqa registered a domain for his cooking website, and we ponder: how to split a day’s work between personal and paid projects?

#11 Leaking proxies

Posted on Monday, Nov 5, 2018

Edaqa yearns for easier local python packaging and adds a new page to his hugo powered website, Stephane create a couple wordpress websites using an affiliate network platform, and we ponder: why use javascript for Martin Fowler’s 2nd edition of ‘Refactoring’?

#10 Mo' inboxes Mo' problems

Posted on Saturday, Oct 27, 2018

Stephane gets an insulin prescription, Edaqa does not like emptying his physical inbox in the evening, and we ponder: how big a timebox should you have to make a dent in your personal projects?

#9 Codewising up

Posted on Sunday, Oct 21, 2018

Edaqa picks a tweet, Stephane’s fsharp exercism pull request gets accepted, and we ponder the meaning of a @codewisdom tweet about starting coding early in a project

#8: Fail fast!

Posted on Sunday, Oct 14, 2018

Stephane experiences the sound of silence in reddit, and retreats (for now), Eda-qa’s website takes shape, and we pick our favorite guitar playing learning program