Latest Episode

Edaqa gives an update on his coding interview website, and markup language, Stephane plays captive audience, and we discuss the intricacies of becoming an affiliate generally (and Udemy specifically).

#16 Bitcoin anonymity WIP

Posted on Sunday, Jan 6, 2019

Stephane’s adventures in buying bitcoins anonymously, Edaqa’s impressions on the ‘Mindset’ book, and we ponder: what defect handling habit distinguishes the novice from the expert?

#15 In praise of the Function

Posted on Saturday, Dec 15, 2018

Edaqa explains pure functions, Stephane groks pure functions, and we ponder: can a function be all you need?

#14 Spaghetti OOPs

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 5, 2018

Edaqa boldly strides into the future, Stephane rocks Berlin (and not much else), and we ponder: what’s the OOP version of spaghetti code?

Edaqa clears is inbox and writes a lot, Stephane buys a hardware bitcoin wallet, and we ponder: what are our go-to languages for now and the coming couple years?

#12 Cooking v Passphrasing

Posted on Friday, Nov 16, 2018

Stephane writes the first post on his privacy-related blog, Edaqa registered a domain for his cooking website, and we ponder: how to split a day’s work between personal and paid projects?